About Us

AKS is a socio-cultural organization that represents the Malayalee community in the city of Ahmedabad. Its main objective is to bring together the Malayalee population spread across the city and to foster a strong bonding with the local populace such that they can cohabit in a mutually congenial atmosphere.



Ever since its inception in 1943, AKS has initiated and organized various programs that is aimed at the development of its members and of the city at large. Be it extending financial support to the deserving students, reaching out to the needy during the times of calamity, encouraging sports and cultural activities or organizing health camps, AKS has always played a crucial role. Needless to say, these activities have also brought the community closer to the local Gujarati community.



AKS has today grown into a vibrant and pulsating family with over 5000 members representing all walks of lives. The membership profile includes professionals, bureaucrats, government employees, senior citizens, students, housewives etc. And the membership base is also growing rapidly with new members joining the Samajam every year.

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C.V. Narayanan

General Secretary

E-Mail : generalsecretary.aks@gmail.com

Mobile : 9427310149

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